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 It’s your talent that gets you noticed, but to spread the word,
you need the right words.

Don’t underestimate the power of a great bio. An aptly written portrait of you and your music opens doors, promoting name recognition, generating fan interest and industry contacts, and presenting a professional image to the public.

Post it on your web site and social media pages. Use it as the centerpiece of a powerful press kit. Send it to publications and venues. More than that, use it to define your musical identity, strengthen your creative focus, and come together more powerfully as a band.


Cost-Effective Solutions for Musicians On-the-Rise

A bio or web site is something that you pay for once–but that you use again and again. We love being able to help spread the word about musical talent. Our services are designed to be affordable for hard-working artists on the rise.


Drummer Peter Knudson
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