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Johannah Racz Knudson works from Northern Colorado as a freelance copywriter, writing coach, poet, and author. Her poetry has appeared in Linden Avenue Literary Journal, Threadcount, Sycamore Review, Puerto del Sol, Northwest Review, Peregrine, Superstition Review, and elsewhere. She earned her MFA from Colorado State University and is a two-time winner of the AWP Intro Journals Award. In addition to poetry, Johannah is writing Transylvania Blue, a biography of one man’s survival across the forests of WWII Europe.


Transylvania Blue is a biography about my great uncle's escape from the Nazis and then Soviet occupation to freedom in Canada. It intertwines memory, historical and current context, and personal anecdotes to reconstruct the life of a man whose experiences reveal both the worst and the best of human potential. It's a story of the Jewish experience surrounding the Holocaust, and it's a human story with important insights for our lives as individuals living during extraordinary times.

Keep tabs on my progress at TransylvaniaBlue.com.

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