What Clients Say

"Johannah has the unique ability to take on different personas and write for a variety of brands and industries with varying styles. Her ability to listen — I mean really listen — distinguishes her professionalism and positions her to care deeply about achieving any communication objective. She can be trusted to bring out the right voice on behalf of any client.

Dave Goldfain, Founder, Cereal Agency

"Johannah worked with me while I was at Advanced Energy as I needed conference papers, blogs, and announcements. She did a lot of those with me. I can sum up her work with me as: communication, details, details, details, professionalism. That sort of says it all. She was relentless making certain that all parties were satisfied. She kept the projects in front of us by scheduling meetings, making changes to scripts, and sending out the changes quickly and efficiently. She is one of the good ones.

Doug Pelleymounter, Engineer Emeritus, Retired

"I recommend Johannah fully. It was great to work with a writer who could break down technologies and complex topics to something that resonates with customers across a wide spectrum of backgrounds. As I worked to update the brand and image of the company I was working with, Johannah's insight and ability to listen and collaborate on a solution was important to setting a strong foundation for the effort. Complementing her work was her great network of people who she was able to pull in to supplement and support the work that needed to be done. Johannah brings all of herself into her work and it shows with results that are second to none."

Skip Larson, Key Account Manager, MKS Instruments

"Johannah is an exceptionally skilled writer and dependable professional, adept at producing top-notch communications. I worked with her for several years on high-priority white papers, blogs, sales literature, and announcements. I could not have been happier with the results. She worked tirelessly to synthesize complex concepts, write engaging content, and meet deadlines in record time. Her work was vital to the success of key business objectives."

Dave Christie, Chief Scientist, Onaway Scientific

"To say that Johannah Knudson is a genius with language doesn’t come close to describing her talent as a master manipulator of the written word. Johannah takes the time to understand and learn about her clients to the degree necessary to be able to craft relevant, descriptive, and high-quality narratives. I wish that I could write this recommendation using her talent!"

Celeste Di Iorio-Morin, Owner
Maple Street Music Agency

"As a musician so close to the work you're making, it can be difficult to step back and see the bigger picture—even more difficult to express the collision of influence, inspiration, and energy that is uniquely your own. Johannah tackled this with expertise and eloquence for our band, elevating our online professionalism AND our ability to articulate our own sound."

Alysia Kraft, Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter
The Patti Fiasco

"Johannah is an excellent writer whom I’ve worked with on a wide variety of projects with a variety of clients. Whether you already have something written and are looking for it to be polished or have nothing and no idea where to begin, you can trust that you’ll be very pleased with the end result. I’d recommend Johannah to anyone who’s looking for high quality and integrity."

Darlene Twitchell, Owner, Bendt Design

“Johannah Knudson, who served as our 2018 Lawless Research Poet Laureate, is an inspiring writing coach. For over a year, she worked with our team once a week to help us think and write poetically. The exercises she gave us knocked us out of our left-brain linear thinking and jump-started our creativity. We set aside our research design and data analysis temporarily to play with words; read a stimulating selection of poems, essays and short fiction; discover new authors and ways of viewing the world; and discuss the power of art to change individuals and societies. Heady stuff! Best of all was loosening up enough to write our own poems. We experimented with metaphor, sound, rhythm and rhyme, structure and free form. Johannah made the experience fun, enlightening and nonintimidating. I highly recommend Johannah!”

Peggy Lawless, CEO, Lawless Research

“I just wanted to acknowledge the superior support and outstanding responsiveness of the entire Marcom team, including Johannah. Within the last 24 hours, they were able to deliver modified data sheets (several revisions after late-night conference calls) for a product evaluation with a major customer. Their ultra-fast turnaround and professionalism has kept us in the running on this critical product qualification. My heart-felt thanks to them all.”

Thomas A. Karlicek, Director of Marketing
Advanced Energy Industries, Inc.

“Johannah’s writing will enhance our web site a great deal. Her timeliness and quality of work were amazing. We all think she is a verbal genius!

Jeannine Shamblen & Barry Sikes, Platinum Key Homes

"Johannah has been an indispensable resource to the AE MarCom department for the past seven years. She works seamlessly with AE employees across the company (including those based in Europe, Asia, and locations across the U.S.), as well as with AE’s other outside vendors. She has the patience of a saint, fulfilling project needs no matter what the time frame, from emergency projects, to projects with strict deadlines, to open-ended projects. Johannah’s writing always employs a voice that suits our organization, whether she is working on promotional literature, web site content, articles, presentations, voiceovers, or process documents. To top it off, she is a beautiful editor/proofreader. Her expertise and dependability are nothing short of fantastic. It’s always a pleasure to work with her."

Marna Shillman, Director, Global Marketing Communications, Advanced Energy Industries, Inc.

You’re one talented writer! I love it! You did such a great job; I love the descriptive words and the break down of members. We’re so excited to finally have a band bio that rocks…Thank you!”

Lindsey O’Brien, Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter
Lindsey O’Brien Band

“All of the copy you have submitted has been approved. Great job! Thank you for providing the revisions today – it has gotten us to a great spot in the web development. You are a joy to work with and I just want you to know how much you are appreciated.”

Rebecca Gilmore, Convertible Creative, LLC

"When I first contacted Johannah, I was interested in making creative writing a more central part of my life. She has helped me reach this goal and more! Her critiques are honest and accurate, and she helps me build on my strengths. Since starting to work with Johannah, I have been accepted into a local writing group, and I have published essays and stories in local magazines. Thanks for all your great work!"

Carrie Visintainer, Writing Coach Client
Author, Wild Mama

"Before I met with Johannah, I had not written anything in over a year. In the two and a half months I have been meeting with her, I have produced over 25 pages and two new poems. Johannah’s editing skills are absolutely invaluable and offer tremendous insight into my style."

John Souders, Writing Coach Client
Host, We Apologize for the Inconvenience Podcast

"It was wonderful working with you and the final index you created was superb."



Dr. Peter B. Seel, Author, Digital Universe
Department of Journalism and Technical Communication
Colorado State University