Client Testimonial: Lawless Research


I had the pleasure of serving as the 2018 corporate poet laureate of Lawless Research, a leader in market research. Peggy Lawless, CEO, had these kind words to say about our work together:


Peggy Lawless of Lawless Research

Peggy Lawless, CEO of Lawless Research

“Johannah Knudson, who served as our 2018 Lawless Research Poet Laureate, is an inspiring writing coach. For over a year, she worked with our team once a week to help us think and write poetically. The exercises she gave us knocked us out of our left-brain linear thinking and jump-started our creativity. We set aside our research design and data analysis temporarily to play with words; read a stimulating selection of poems, essays and short fiction; discover new authors and ways of viewing the world; and discuss the power of art to change individuals and societies. Heady stuff! Best of all was loosening up enough to write our own poems. We experimented with metaphor, sound, rhythm and rhyme, structure and free form. Johannah made the experience fun, enlightening and non-intimidating. I highly recommend Johannah!”


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