Shock, Awe, Eros, and a Little Bit of Rock & Roll


It’s a new year, and there are lots of new events and services in the works. My motto for 2012 is, “Just start it!” That goes for you, too, and your writing or creative endeavors. No more thinking–GO!

With that in mind, we’ve expanded into the music industry, providing promotional writing to solo artists and bands, including bios, press releases, and press kits.

What’s more, writing classes are back! I’m currently defining the content and schedule for our first offering, “Shock, Awe, and Eros,” a writing/spiritual workshop that frees the creative spirit, helps participants connect with their authentic voices, and celebrates the sensual aspects of this human life. This is for spiritual seekers, creatives, and writers of any experience level, including songwriters looking to expand and deepen their lyrical content.

Contact me for more information about content, coaching, and classes!