What Is Content?

What Is Content? Content Marketing by Heliograph Communications

Content is the latest jargon for written and visual information: taglines. articles. blogs. infographics. white papers. social media posts. marketing e-mails. brochures. bios. ads.

Content marketing is the use of targeted words and images to generate awareness, enter into a conversation with your desired audience, or sustain an established relationship.

The process is engagement, and the purpose depends on the particular mission of your project or organization:

  • To educate, inform, entertain, or inspire
  • To generate leads and convert them into sales
  • To establish, strengthen, or maintain a message or brand

Traditional and New Media

Content can be communicated through a variety of means. Traditional media includes direct mail, magazine and journal articles, print ads, and other content in print format. New media includes digitally accessible content, such as web sites, blogs, social media, banner ads, online articles, case studies, and white papers.

Good Ideas + Good Writing = Good Content

It all comes down to good ideas that are expressed through excellent writing and visuals. Strategic distribution is also key, so that your content is transmitted across the right channels, whether print or digital. To get the attention you want, from the right people, a good communication strategy considers the message, as well as the messenger.


Heliograph Communications works in new and traditional media to spread your message and inspire your audience. Contact us for a free consultation on the best content strategies for your vision.