Constant Content: How to Break Through the Noise


We all know there’s a cacophony out there. You don’t even have to leave your house–or your bed, if you sleep with a smartphone by your side–before the information starts pouring in.

As demands on our attention grow, those wanting to get through to us–with a product they’re selling, with a political message, with whatever (I don’t have to tell you; we’re all surrounded by it)–often resort to the strategy of “more.” More phone calls, more emails, more junk mail, more ads and billboards and information.

The inevitable result is that we, as audience members, tune out. Our filters engage, as a method of self-defense and self-preservation. We become desensitized.

Knowing this, what are we, as writers and media-makers who want to work with integrity, to do? Do we give up for the health and happiness of our community and culture? How do we diverge from the increasingly aggressive methods of mass media?

I believe that all humans, when connected with our inner knowing, are keen “authenticity detectors.” We want most what is REAL, not what is merely big or loud or shiny.

No matter what your subject matter–a personal experience or a product–whether you’re creating a poem or a commercial web page–the most powerful message is the one that is rooted in truth. It need not be a lush garden of revelation–though indeed, it may grow into one.

And in telling the truth–with the skill of good writing–you distinguish yourself from the rest.

In terms of communication, the time for fighting your way to the front is done; when you tell the truth skillfully, you can be heard even from the very back of the room.


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