Big Debut: Announcing Our New Website & Logo


I’m thrilled to debut Heliograph’s new website and logo. After nearly two decades in the business, it was time to refresh our look and feel so that they better reflect who we’ve become.

I refer to Heliograph as “we” because Heliograph is my partner, as well as my avatar and my self. It is the structure and vehicle through which I do my work. It represents me, my background, the skills I offer, and the manner in which I work. It’s an entity that I created, one that stands alone in identity but operates through my thoughts, hands, words, and actions.

Over the years, Heliograph has grown in scope and vision. This updated brand identity reflects all we’ve done and holds the hope of all of my intentions for the future.


The Logo

Designed by Trent Studio‘s Cameron Way, the new logo is simplified to emphasize the heliograph metaphor.

Heliograph literally means “sun writing.” It’s also the name of a device that reflects light to communicate across distances. And as our name, it’s a metaphor for the concept of merging inspiration and technique to create clear, compelling communications.

The logo is an elegant representation of the essence of our name: the clear, illuminating transmission of insight, awareness, and information.



The Website

If you’re reading this, “you’re soaking in it,” as Madge would say in the old Palmolive commercials. Welcome to the new website.

With the support of Cameron‘s superb technical expertise, I designed, wrote, and implemented this site. My intention was to make it clear, bold, and visual—to cut out clutter and focus on the essence of what I do, how I do it, and how that benefits my readers and clients.


I also added an important section that conveys Heliograph in its entirety—poetry and creative nonfiction.

Content and coaching had always been explicit services offered through Heliograph, but I felt that the picture was incomplete without including another significant function: my own creative writing projects, the nonfiction and poetry that I’m always working on, my self-generated creative endeavors that are the reason I started writing in the first place.


The Head Shots

I had to take a deep breath before plastering photos of myself across this website, but Cameron (again) eased this by taking photos that truly represent who I am. They feel authentic and therefore I’m proud to show them.

These photos capture moments where I felt comfortable and natural—in meaningful locations across Fort Collins. The first were shot in a park near my home, next to my children’s elementary school. The next were shot in iconic Old Town Fort Collins. The last photos were taken at sunset at Horsetooth Reservoir in the foothills west of the city.

All of these places felt personally significant and represent where I live and work—my home base.

Johannah Knudson, Writer, Content Strategist, and Coach  

There You Have It

Just as the heliograph is a device that communicates across distances with flashes of focused sunlight, Heliograph Communications focuses information and inspiration, and transmits it as clear, compelling content. This is what we hope to accomplish through Heliograph Communications’ primary functions of writing, editing, and coaching, as well as authorship of my own creative writing projects.

Our new visual identity reflects our growth, fresh focus, and vision of an inspired and inspirational future. We look forward to delivering on the promise that our new aesthetic represents.


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