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Writing Coach Insights: The Power of “Yes”

By Johannah | September 28, 2009

“No big whoop” and “yes” are attitudes of allowing, ones that free you to make mistakes, to be eccentric, to be imperfect and thus intriguing. This is what the use of specific detail in creative writing is about: capturing those unique traits that make something come alive on the page by distinguishing it from anything else of its kind, picking out one or two or more key features that tell something essential about a character or an interaction or an object.


Writing Coach Insights: Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste

By Johannah | April 12, 2009

Did you ever notice that some of your most prolific times, writing-wise, have occurred when your life has been highly unpredictable, when circumstances you’d depended on for a long time–whether related to health, friendship, money, love, sex–are called into question? I don’t think this is because you have to be unhappy in order to write well. You just have to be open. You have to let go.


Writing Coach Insights: Writing in Your Sleep

By Johannah | March 9, 2009

As writers, we can take advantage of this pre-existing creative content by recycling the moods, images, characters, and events of our dreams as poems and stories.


Writing Coach Insights: Qualities of Light

By Johannah | March 1, 2009

Learning to write is largely about remembering how to notice the world around us—to re-awaken to our own experiences.


Writing Coach Insights: Being a Beginner

By Johannah | February 15, 2009

Sometimes, all we need is the first step. . .more


Writing Coach Insights: Not Becoming a Stereotype of Yourself

By Johannah | February 12, 2009

The term “creative” refers to the qualities of newness, novelty. This is why it is absolutely vital to let in the unknown, the unrecognizable. . . more


Writing Coach Insights: Finding Creative Moments

By Johannah | February 8, 2009

I don’t remember exactly what I was doing this morning when I began thinking about the way that creativity requires us to stop planning. . . more

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